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Thank you for visiting my website. Are you interested to buy solo ads as a form of traffic? Well, if you are looking for highly targeted traffic for your website, you have come to the right place. I provide highly-targeted traffic at a real low price. Solo ad traffic has always been very effective in bringing in sales so do check out my offers today.

Why Joe’s Solo Ads?

  • Super Charge Your List by getting Instant Traffic direct to your squeeze page.
  • Great Prices, Amazing Results! Our buyers are ALWAYS included with each mailing!
  • Very Active List in the IM / MMO Market!
  • 100% Opt-In & CAN-SPAM Compliant!
  • Guaranteed 70% Tier 1 traffic (Usually more than 80%!)
  • New subscribers added daily, only pay for UNIQUE clicks!
  • My list was built primarily from solo ads, Pay-Per-View traffic & Pay-Per-Click Ads (so it’s EXTREMELY HIGH QUALITY!)
  • I can send anywhere from 50 clicks to as many as 300 clicks to your offer.

Testimonials from satisfied clients!

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Read This Before Ordering

  • Once payment is made please send me your squeeze page url / tracking link via the thank you page.
  • I cannot guarantee conversions on solo ads. It is up to you to have a good converting offer / sales funnel. All I can control is the minimum number of clicks which you pay for will be delivered within 24-48 hours of the ad being sent.
  • I only accept free offers in the Internet Marketing (IM) / Make Money Online (MMO) niche.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any offer. If in doubt, please send me your website url prior to ordering. If your offer is refused you will receive a refund of all monies paid.
  • There are NO REFUNDS on completed solo ad runs. All sales are final.

For packages that is more than 300 clicks, please contact me for details.

All solo ads will start within 2 days.

Have a great day!

Joseph Then
(Joe’s Solo Ads)

Why Buy Solo Ads?

Businesses today are getting into the bandwagon if solo ads. Many of them see the benefits and the high return-on-investment when using it. Solo ads, in the simplest term, is a form of email marketing where you send pay the owner of a certain email list to send email on your behalf for a price. As the email list tend to be very responsive, you can expect to get a lot of highly-targeted traffic for your website.

Benefits of solo ads include:

  • Highly targeted traffic
  • Measurable investment versus profits
  • Cheaper than Google Adwords generally
  • Almost instant traffic

When you buy solo ads traffic, we highly recommend that you send them to a landing page. That will allow you to capture their email address so that you can market to them in the near future. This is a very common practice for businesses today, whether they run a paid Adwords or a Pay-Per-View campaign. Everyone knows that the money is in the email list so you should do the same.

Joe’s Solo Ads are highly targeted in Make-money-online (MMO) and Internet Marketing (IM) niche so this is will be a great traffic source for you if you are:

  • Building a MMO/IM niche email list
  • Promoting products in MMO/IM niche
  • A well-known expert in MMO/IM niche

Even so, businesses coming from brick-and-mortar settings will also benefit from solo ad services.

So buy solo ads from us now!